Inanç Tan


Flemming Jakobsen

Cph., Denmark


My first time in Side was in 2007 together with my friends Inge and Fritz, where I learn you tp know. Fritz was treated by you. Next time was in 2008 where both Fritz and my sister in law became crowns in your Clinic. I was still a “Chicken”.

But then in may 2009 I visit your Clinic to have 19 Crowns. What I find was a very good and carefully dentist with high quality, who I only can recommend as one of the best dentist I ever have meet. Even my dentist in Denmark said OK for the work.

So I can only recommend Inanc’s work and I do trust very much in Inanc.

Fritz Jensen

Cph., Denmark


On several recommendations from persons who work in the well known company Micitoglu that erects holiday apartments in Side in Turkey, I myself tried at Inanc in 2007.

After having changed my lower tooth row by dental bridges, the same procedure took place regarding the upper tooth row the year after.

Basically, I am very satisfied and I have recommended four friends to use Inanc. With quite some success, dental bridges have been built together with other things that Inanc handles.

Speaking for myself, everything has been done during a vacation so both Inanc and the vacation have been paid by the money saved by using Inanc instead of  Danish


My very best recommendations to a professional dentist in Turkey.

Hanne Jakobsen

Cph., Denmark


After my husband had received several new crowns. I decided to get 4 crowns on my molars. I am very satisfied with the outcome.
Inanc Tan is a very thorough dentist. So I can only give him my best recommendation.

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